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Written by The Watchman   
Friday, 24 June 2011 09:14
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My sources have reported increased observation activity from the VG Vigilant Gaurd on the southern border of the U.S.  Vigilant Gaurd is a low key group of concerned citizens who have been watching the border and personally preparing for what they see as an inevitable confrontation with forces who may cross the southern border with Mexico into the U.S.   The sources can not be identified, and are trusted by good faith, being men that profess Christ as Savior.  And by their word, I trust their concern.  

While no one is making promises, threats, or 100% accurate predictions, there is clearly a level of observation happening by Vigilant Guard members that is leading them to raise their ALERT STATUS.  Many will ask is this paranoia? or is this real?  Well I believe that the sources are credible enough to merit concern.  Better to be prepared and have things not happen then to be totally clueless and be over run.  Wouldn't you agree?  We might all be a little paranoid these days.

I received the following summary report from my sources.  

The Strong Watchman

  • Yesterday was a very busy day along the border. First off, we now have confirmation from our people on the ground that the helicopters that were first spotted during the Lordsburg NM incident and then near Tucson AZ were in fact Z9 Chinese Attack Helicopters. You can go on line and take a look at these for yourself.
  • June 23 around 10am I received information that all of our VG’s along the border had moved into a high alert status. They have received information that something may be ready to take place on the 4th of July. They did not go into details but told us we would be receiving more information about this. They were able to tell us that during the July 4th weekend our National Guard backup will be cut by 78% along the border. They will be moved and used at political rallies and celebrations. This leaves are border pretty wide open.
  • The VG’s are very concerned about this decision especially after all the activity they have been encountering over the past several weeks. They are taking necessary measures that include a possible confrontation over this weekend.
  • And so later in the day at around 5:15 I received another communication that Z9’s were again spotted along the Tucson border on the Mexico side. All communication went down as it had before.
  • Tension is pretty high right now, and with the latest on our border condition around the 4th leaves our people on the ground with a very uneasy feeling.
  • Just a heads up to our readers, if there was ever a time to talk to your family and friends about all of this, now may be that time. And if this is the plan, to take away our independence on the day we celebrate having received it, then we may only have 10 days left of what we consider “freedom”. I’m not going to tell anyone that I know for certain that this is what is fixing to happen. But my group is on alert, and we will be ready for a full evacuation of our families to a safer location come next weekend if we get the word.
  • If the opportunity lends itself, and if the word comes down I will do my very best to get it posted on this site while there is still time. As I receive this information I am turning it around ASAP.
  • Just FYI the US stock market ended down on Wednesday the 22nd and opened the same way on Thursday. It remained down for most of the day barely rebounding within the last hour before it closed. And at the same time all of this was taking place on our border. You tell me!


0 #3 markolam 2011-07-04 17:31
IF you want to see Jesus on earth soon, then start looking at your brother sister and yourself in a whole NEW LIGHT. God has given us everything pertaining to LIFE and GODLINESS. I'm getting older faster and waited & wasted to much time gazing up at the clouds... may God forgive us IF WE REPENT. There are things we must do as we look to him and do the things we see the father doing in and by his spirit. If we walk in the LIGHT as he is in the LIGHT........
0 #2 admin 2011-06-24 22:09
Thanks for the comment. Perhaps not the rapture yet...but we are certainly getting closer to the last days as the cauldron continues to boil over.

Praise God we are able to see the signs of the last days and rejoice that His coming is ever closer.

But I am convinced from scripture that we will be here to see the antichrist and suffer persecution. But we will be removed before the wrath of God comes down upon the unbelievers on earth.

Very many reasons which can be shows from scripture why this is so. But these are still the most exciting times in the world in which to live.

God Bless,

The Strong Watchman
0 #1 Gwen 2011-06-24 14:39
thanks for the above info, I am over in Fl and I too am expecting something big, either on the 4th or 3 days later, which is a holy day for muslims, there have been a lot going on like the black outs of info by Mr O, and several other unusual signs, both in the heavens and on earth, also the comet that is heading our way well it's speed is increasing the closer it gets and it is effecting the solar flares and we should be feeling more and worse earthquakes and volcano's could this be the rapture? hallelujah

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