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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 15:31
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The Chemtrail Kook and the Worldwide Chemtrails Map
Worldwide Chemtrail Map


I am a former military pilot with 1000s of hours flying personnel and gear all over the planet.

While in the military I had not yet had an awakening. After leaving the military for medical reasons,

I was exposed to some information that caught my eye. As a matter of fact, I was

building a website for a fire-fighter friend of mine. While I was finishing up
the site and looking for tribute videos to the fallen heroes of 9-11, I came
across a few threads uploaded by Pilots for 9-11 truth. I thought, hey, I’m a
pilot, this looks interesting and tumbled into the rabbit hole.

That was 4 years ago, and since that time I have done copious study on
the subject of 9-11, building architecture, and chemtrails. I am 100 percent
convinced that building 1, 2 and 7 were taken down by explosives in a controlled demolition. I am
active with Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth and I encourage all who read this to study the
materials available on their site and sign the petition for a new and impartial investigation. But I

Chemtrails are a passion of mine, as I continue to see my loved ones suffer with upper respiratory
problems, asthma, constant colds, and general ill health. I have extensive knowledge of the FAA,
EPA, and ICAO aviation rules and regulations. I will take my last breath doing everything in my
power to get chemtrail activity to STOP. I know there are numerous ideas circulating about the
reasons why they are spraying, but I no longer concern myself with the theoretical. I care not about
whether they are trying to covertly cool the planet, obscure Nibiru, cull the population, or change soil
salinity to control food supply.

What I know is what I see every day. I see nearly continuous spraying operations over my home, and
throughout the skies of places I travel. What I see are chemtrails. I know the difference between
contrails and chemtrails. I have extensive education on meteorology, aircraft systems, and know
exactly how contrails are born. I know all about the standard lapse rate, temperature inversions,
types of fog, and factors that influence contrail formation.

In my studies of the chemtrial phenomenon, I have come across numerous websites, wordpress
blogs,yahoo groups, etc. all discussing the problem and containing postings, photos, and videos.
There are people building Google Maps, Flash maps, and posting data regarding air and soil
samples. I have seen virtually every video produced on the chemtrails subject and highly
recommend the film documentary What In The World Are They Spraying for those looking to
understand the issue in more detail.

My conclusions about the above activity and level of activism have led my to understand that I am
not alone. Military tacticians will tell you that an unorganized adversary is easy to conquer. Each
website, blog, map, and data repository represents a cell of our growing movement. As it stands
today, April 6,2011 there is still significant lack of cohesion within our ranks. The Map is a force
multiplier that will change that.

For a long time I struggled with the chemtrails issue. I took photos occasionally when heavy activity
was observed. For the most part, I felt extremely frustrated and powerless over the problem. I
internalized many of these emotions and found it negatively effecting my mental health and serenity.
While in prayer and meditation, the idea of a global map came to mind. My idea was to build
something that was low on text explanation, but delivered a powerful visual depiction of the chemtrail
phenomenon. I wanted to it to be intuitive, requiring little to no instructions for use, and simple enough

for a child to navigate. I wanted it to be collaborative, as well as easy and free for people to contribute image

and video uploads. My dream was for people around the world to be able to find the map, embrace it's

importanceand make the choice to support our cause. Our website hits are going space shuttle – I just

increased the bandwidth capacity ten fold to handle the traffic.

By the grace of God, I was given the technical ability and knowledge to build such a tool – the
Worldwide Chemtrails Map. It is still a work in progress and light on aesthetics, but high on
functionality. It displays a global Google Map which is viewable in multiple modes. My favorite is
“earth” mode, which allows for the most fluid scrolling and zoom.

The map is powered by an open source content management tool called Joomla. This is a free system
supported by thousands of developers around the world. The map contains data provided by
chemtrail activists and diligent sky watchers from planet earth. The technical details are not
important, what is key to note however is that the data streams are real time and sourced from
individual contributor Flickr and Picasa photo albums, and Google Maps.

The feeds submitted are in RSS (really simple syndication) format and power the dynamic nature of
the site. With RSS, once a bridge has been established, any additions made to the individual
contributor’s photostream or maps are instantly transmitted and updated on the chemtrails map. How cool is
that? So in essence what we have here is the closest thing to a real time criminal activity tracking
tool. Imaging being able to map all robberies, murders, burglaries happening throughout the globe
as they were reported? This is what we have – a living and breathing beast, who happens to
eat fire and fancies NWO ogres.

These programs are all free and take only minutes to setup.
If you do not have accounts established but have chemtrail photos on your computer, I highly
encourage you to get motivated and upload your images and videos – today. We use primarily
Flickr and Picasa photo hosting systems due to their geo-coding functionality. In a nut shell, this is a
fancy way of saying these programs allow us to drop photos and videos onto a map representing
where they were taken. Please include dates, time of day, and any other extra information you feel
will add value. The Chemtrails Map website has step by video and written tutorial instruction guides
on how to get your content onto the map. My many years of military training and instruction finally
have come to good use…

People of our beautiful and precious planet Earth, I am now writing directly to you. You must
populate this map, and I implore you to do so – today. These records are evidence admissible in
US and international courts of law. It is currently a powerful tool but will continue to gain strength as it
is becomes more populated. There are multiple strategies being developed on how to use this
information as a battle axe in the infowar. Borrowing a catch phrase from Alex Jones, what we have
here is a 14 foot, fire breathing, snaggle toothed dragon. The dragon is hungry for your information,
so please choose to feed it – today. When and how we unleash it’s power is being discussed and
planned at the highest levels. For more information visit this Facebook group to get involved:


For those of you in the employ of the NSA, CIA, FBI, DARPA, and other assorted alphabet
agencies throughout the world who will invariably read this article, I humbly ask you too look into your
child’s eyes tonight and think of their future. Ponder the chemicals they are inhaling on a daily basis;
the aluminum, barium, strontium. Recall the oath you took to support and defend the Constitution
against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Consider praying for the willingness to do the right
thing. This website is mirrored on multiple host servers throughout the world. It has multiple
administrators responsible for updating content and performing site maintenance. In other words,
the snake has many heads, try to sever one and ten more will emerge.

I am the Chemtrail Kook, self proclaimed – and as the immortal Mick Jagger wrote "Who could hang
a name on you?" …

Please contact me via the links below if you would like an interview on your radio or tv program. I
reserve all rights, and insist on maintaining anonymity. I leave you with Ruby Tuesday

Chemtrail Kook

Creator of http://chemtrailsmap.com – Have you seen the Map?
Follow me on Twitter @ChemtrailKook
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/chemtrail.kook?sk=wall
Email chemtrailkook@gmail.com

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 22:00


0 #8 NWO_paid_writer 2013-04-27 01:14
This map will show that your NWO is not very organized, because neither is the weather that contrails are based upon.

In this light, keep up the good work to debunk chemtrails!
-7 #7 brian 2011-04-27 21:09
What he fails to tell is his medical reason for not being able to serve in the armed forces. He in mentally disable.
+5 #6 chitown chemtrails 2011-04-22 07:50
amazing information, it's so great to read this, you have the utmost knowledge, you're concerned with the effects of chemtrails and not the reasons for them, you bring a new level of awareness to me. thank you so much, i will continue to make my rap and beat videos to bring attention to chemtrails. really nice to meet you.
-2 #5 raingod 2011-04-19 13:16
Good to hear conformation from such an excellent source, also backed up by your site not working and a suspicious lack of replies on facebook... you are being watched and 'they' do not approve. Might be a good time to move somewhere safe?
I salute you sir and wish you well for the future.
+2 #4 Shawn 2011-04-18 03:25
I always wondered why we would have jets flying over our area of no real significance. This makes some sense now. I seen an old sci-fi movie about this kind of stuff before, and now doesn't seem so sci-fi anymore.
+3 #3 noel 2011-04-17 19:35
I saw chemtrails flying around the area of the mexican caribbean, southeast of the state of Quintana Roo, near the Belize frontier. I lived there for 2 years and I used to see them almost every day for a period of a few months during 2009-2010.
+3 #2 Alice Wedderburn 2011-04-17 06:07
It's great to see someoneone taking such positive action to combat these evil doings, thank you! I got mine on the map and hope many others will report too.
+4 #1 Cody Seggerman 2011-04-14 22:09
Keep up the good work kook! =D

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