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Conspiracy Theory: On Fault Lines, the Chinese Threat and US Government Cooperation PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Tuesday, 14 June 2011 21:34
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Another fellow seems to have some ideas about the fault lines, Chinese Threats, and US Government Cooperation.  As we all know...none of it can really be proven...and even if we did prove it...no one would believe it.  That's our lot in life...to be watchman and call out the warning to deaf ears.  But we are not all deaf...

Take a look at this guys blog.   He has some interesting ideas.

The Strong Watchman

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Conspiracy Theory: On Fault Lines, the Chinese Threat and US Government Cooperation

A personal blog is a place for entertaining one's self. Thanks to the United States Constitution, I have the right to entertain any idea I want, in public, no matter how ludacris, delusional or paranoid it may sound. In that vein, today's topic is wild conspiracy theories. Let it be known that my theory is my personal opinion, is based on some pretty heavy research of fact, rumors and a game of connect-the-dots. If you are reading this, dear reader, all I ask is for you to briefly drop any barriers to such theories and entertain the possibilitythat I could be correct.

The United States is in turmoil. We have never been more divided, distracted and at each other's throats than we are today. We are over a trillion dollars in debt to the Chinese, a country which has also been buying up gold, silver and copper at an unprecedented rate for the last ten years or so.

When I worked for the ISD (Instrumentation Services Division) arm of the Army Corps of Engineers, one of the projects we dealt with was searching for underground tunnels in Korea.

Read the rest of the article here.

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