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Did you just drink the whole punch bowl? PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Thursday, 13 December 2012 10:06
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Did you just drink the whole punch bowl?

How is it that it is so impossible for you to see? This is much bigger than Democrats vs Republicans. The first stage of waking up in my opinion is to see that it's not Dems vs Repubs. Right vs Left. THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS WHAT GOT US HERE to a failing economy. It's a RUSE...a concocted framework to imprison the masses with two choices. Evil or More Evil.  

There is nothing good left in the government. Bush was as bad as Obama in a different way. Republicans and Democrats both grew government into the oversized bureaucratic mess it is today.The first step is to become truly independent.

But it's kind of like The Matrix. Once you are awake...you see the cold, stark reality of the war we have coming, and the struggle for survival and resistance against the machine that is government.  We need less government and more freedom.

People have to start figuring out how to fend for themselves rather than pick up a government check. It is not the government's job to feed the population, or give healthcare to the population, or to be the source of all charity to the poor, or to control the economy, or to control the money.

If government stopped trying to do everything that people should be doing for themselves...the budget would not be a problem. We would not be headed over a "fiscal cliff" if Obama really wanted to help America. 

But the government is in a perpetual cycle now in which it desires to grow more government which takes more money. This goverment growth can not be sustained on the backs of the people, and the people will not take it forever...there will be a day of reckoning when people take upon themselves the Constitutional and God given responsibility to throw off the chains of tyranny and oppression. 

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