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Written by The Watchman   
Friday, 17 June 2011 09:16
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This News Underground report came in from my source near Tucson.   They are making some links to Chinese economic activity and military activity as well.  You know darn well I can not reveal my sources for fear of putting them in harm's way.  So please understand...this is not a joke...nor is it made up, conjectured, or hype.  These are eye witness reports encoded into a publishable format to protect the source.  Thanks for understanding.

The Strong Watchman

9:00 AM, June 7th near Tucson. Vigilant Guards witnessed chinese (chicomm) helicopters flying close to the border. The exact same thing happened here as it did near Lordsburg, Texas.  

All communication went down in addition to their GPS in their vehicles. This information was passed down to Vigilant Guards in Lordsburg and then we were contacted by 10:00 AM.

Since our first report submitted to The Strong Watchman approximately 6 weeks ago, we realized there was a pattern taking place.

All this started about the same time we began to see a consistent drop in our stock market.  As of last Friday June 10th the market ended down for the 6th consecutive week in a row.

During that time China dumped 97% of the US short term debt and is accusing the United States of already defaulting on our loans. This past weekend the Gallup, New Mexico Chamber of Commerce hosted the Chinese for some kind of cultural exchange.  Who knows what.


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