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Written by The Watchman   
Monday, 30 July 2012 15:28
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What Is A Job Anymore?

GregEddolls250I have tried several jobs, which either pay too little, have way too many constraints and politics, or simply consist of dredging out a daily living through the service supplied (whether needed or simply the latest fad). I am pretty much done with that. 

I worked in Columbus, Ohio for an Advanced I.T. Consulting Firm. One day they dropped the bomb with no notice...and I was out. Since then it has been hand to mouth, food stamps, and self-employment for 4 years. But I learned how to do internet marketing and I am pretty excited for the long term. It just takes some time to get started.

I try to run two businesses plus an online business and I have learned alot about what it takes to be successful online it's challenging but also a way to build automatic income once you get it rockin.

Business number one is my fifteen years of experience in I.T. Consulting for business and residential clients. Everything from fixing viruses, reloading computers, networking, and technical documentation to web site design, Search Engine Optimization, and internet marketing. http://tfsnetworks.com

Business number two is Computer and Electronics Recycling. Since we still live (for the time being) in a society that would rather buy a new printer than get it fixed, or buy the latest computer or IPAD even though they have a perfectly viable working computer...I am in a perfect position to capitalize on free computers and electronics delivered to my doorstep. It's alot of hands on to go through each computer, cannibalize the copper, aluminum and steel out of them, or refurbish them to working order for affordable computer sales. Craigslist, Ebay, and Word of Mouth. 

I am embracing the scavenger side of me and turning it into enough cash to pay at least some of the bills, while fulfilling the overstated and over-emphasized need to be "green" for the sake of the environment...(ya whatever). I consider myself a responsible steward of GOD's CREATION.

Business Number three is the booming Health and Wellness Industry which has both a Network Marketing Side and an Internet Marketing Side. It's important to stay healthy in a world surrounded by processed "everything". It's amazing and disgusting what people put into their bodies and it's astounding that they do not understand the link between toxins, fat, obesity and general illness. http://epicnutritiontoday.com

My strategy is to sell whatever I can for basic money income. Downsize my budget. And work on internet marketing. I have had some good success with it. If you are interested in a way out...it takes about a year...but it's hopeful. If the country does not implode before, during, or after the election. If you have some hope for the future you should join me, because I will just keep on plugging until it is physically impossible. Anyone want to come along for the ride?

You can reach me at info@gregeddolls.com or text me at 928-925-8679. No scams...it really does take about a year to make internet marketing happen depending on what you choose as your market. You can reach SO MANY MORE people online...than in your immediate area. Internet Marketing is the future...still. 

God Bless, Peace

The Strong Watchman

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