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Walking The Thin Line Of Success In Today's Economy PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Saturday, 29 September 2012 20:46
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Walking The Thin Line Of Success In Today's Economy

Well it's been a long while since I have posted any updates to The Strong Watchman, and for that I apologize. Life gets busy and there are so many things to draw away my attention. 

The primary distraction from me posting blogs here is business...or businesses...because I have more than one. 

When I first started this blog it was an experiment. Then the experiment took shape into my burgeoning desire to cry out as a watchman regarding the coming of Christ and all that precedes it in the world as warning signs and fulfillment of biblical prophecies seem to be looming everywhere we look.

Has this changed? No not really. But when we look at the world around us it can be wildly different from day to day based on our own personal walk, our mood, our circumstances..etc. Many times we individually project our own desires, expectations, and specific focus on the events of the world around us. This can certainly affect the way we share our lives with everyone we meet. This is part of what I did for a long time and my message resonated with some of you, but it gets tiring to continually cry out the warning that seems urgent in my soul...yet far away in the reality of your world. 

You see, for a long while I was in deep study and intensely interested in what seemed to be the signs of the last days coming upon us, but after focusing on that subject for a period of about 2 years straight, my interest began to fade because the dramatic events of the day never seemed to truly change life around me, or the people around me. Everything just continues on as usual because people don't care about the end of the world...or at least they won't care until it's happening...I mean really happening to them. And then of course it's too late for them to do anything about it anyway.

Will I stop warning people? No...but my method has taken a more casual approach to share with those who will listen and not live in a constant state of "fear?" or "expectation?" which never seems to develop into reality. God's TIME IS NOT OUR TIME.

So, recently my focus has been business. I am trying to work three different businesses in my little hometown of Prescott, AZ in an effort to make a decent living to support my family. Business actually seems to be getting better, and do you know why?

Business is getting better because of persistence. A consistent and unyielding effort to build a business from the ground up is just the beginning of actually building a business...but it is the critical element that most people are lacking in today's economy. 

Many Americans have been in the mode of working for someone else for so long, a tradition passed down from generation to generation, that the American Exceptionalism that once made America's entrepreneurs the greatest drivers of the economic engines, has faded into oblivion. 

Those who can not find jobs are relying more and more on the state to take care of them. Now I have no problem with benefits taking care of those who are getting hit hard in the unemployment boom that has recently swept America in the last 4 years..or so, but when do we draw the line at hoping against hope that a job will come along, and actually doing something ourselves that proves again the resilient spirit of American Exceptionalism. 

When does the down and out American stop relying on a faded, worn out paradigm of job seeking, in a world of dwindling or non-existent jobs, and start relying on themselves to innovate, reinvent themselves and dig down deep to learn a new trade, a new skill, a new way to survive on their own, in an effort to move forward in an entrepreneurial effort to experience TRUE success in a business sense?

This effort can be based upon your existing skills, extending your skills into new areas, or leaping out in faith, and trial and error, to acquire the skills you need to be an independent business person, who makes their own way. 

This effort can take the shape of jumping into a whole new area of education which will allow you to take charge of you current situation! 

But MOST OF ALL this effort will naturally derive from a DECISION that you make to get off your butt and start making things happen. When you decide to STOP WAITING for a magic train to deliver you the perfect job, you will begin creating your new place in the world!

There are people out there like myself who have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel even in these dark economic times. People are joining together in support groups and teams to build new businesses, and helping one another to succeed. 

If you would like to join with me in business and begin to take charge of your own future. Then it's time you contacted me so we can talk about YOU! 

Reach Greg Eddolls on Facebook at: 


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