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Written by The Watchman   
Saturday, 17 August 2013 10:34
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Pre-Built Downlines In Network Marketing Online

To most online business builders it's a foreign concept to build a downline in advance, BEFORE you join a business, but to Kris Darty the concept was like an answer to prayer. There are countless numbers of people who see the potential of doing online business but can't seem to figure out how to bring it all together. 


Network Marketing Online is a fast moving business and most folks do not learn how to become marketers, recruiters, and successful business builders fast enough to make money. Instead they end up spending money and joining the ranks of the 97% of people that fail in Network Marketing. Sound Familiar???

NEO Network seeks to eliminate the need for them to learn all these things, while providing the means to learn more easily HOW TO DO THIS "IF" they desire to learn and grow as an online business person. All of this is done in a nurturing and successful group environment. Kind of a cat chasing it's tail kind of business.

On one hand you have folks who never realize their potential because they can't get past the need to earn income fast which makes them give up on these online business ideas. One the other hand you have those same people who, in order to be successful online, need to learn those skills and have the knowledge in order to be make a success of online business. So how is the problem solved?

Pre-Built Downlines In Network Marketing

Essentially those who are strong in the technical skills of computers, website building, internet marketing, communication, and the pure motivational drive required to organize the required flow of "financially committed" people are capable of orchestrating a business build as long as the required financial commitment is there.

Financial commitment requires a few elements to be maintained for the sake of all people involved. We need trust from the people, good communication to the people and strong proven leadership.

It helps to have already established a successful track record in the Online Network Marketing business as well. Kris Darty has done just that.....and together the members of the NEO Network our cooperating in a profoundly different and positive environment with many people's strengths being employed to assist where needed.

Technology innovation is also crucial to allowing new ideas to be implemented into the internet marketing online presence. That means that a team of developers is required to create out of thin air the sheer brilliance that seems to emanate not just from Kris Darty's mind but from the compassion of his heart and desire to help people.

The Heart Of NEO Network

Kris Darty is a strong Christian believer, who has had great success in the business of Online Network Marketing. As such, Kris has also seen the dark under belly of the super successful mindset.

enter-the-matrix-buttonAfter being awarded the top recruiter prize for a popular Online Network Marketing company, Kris was speaking with some of the other top recruiters about the nature of the business. "What do we do to help those people who are not doing well in the business? The people that helped us get to this level?"

The answers were less than desirable for a man of God with a conscience and compassion for helping his fellow man. "That's just how it is. Get used to it. There is nothing we can do." That did not sit well with Kris. So Kris says, "I stopped promoting everything for a long time, because I had to figure out how I could change this to benefit the 97% of people who generally fail in Network Marketing into the 97% who SUCCEED!"

Some months later Kris began to tell his friends and family about the NEO Network. To make it easy enough to join, Kris made the entry point a free trial, for three months. He tells people in his various videos, "If you are not making money by the time this three months comes up. Please leave. We don't want your money if you are not making money."

Over the next three months Kris launched the private experiment that is NEO Network inviting some 600 people to begin the experiment. These people who joined NEO also joined the first business together with NEO, LEAF International. Several people made money within LEAF International because of their association with NEO Network. People that had never made money before were able to get over that hump and become believers in the vision of Kris Darty's NEO Network.

What's Next For NEO Network?

Kris recently launched the entire NEO Network into the WakeUpNow business. In that short one week private launch NEO Network has increased by 1000 members and tons of them have become part of the 600 Club making and instant $600 a month commission. There are several people making even more than that. But that is just the beginning.

NEO Network is about to launch a massive campaign of promotion, recruiting and advertising in several of the social arenas on the web. Obviously Facebook is core but soon you will not be able to be online on any Social Network and NOT see NEO Network. If you are savvy on new trends this is it my friends and NEO is at the head of the charge.

NEO Network has been in private, experimental mode for 3 months and the last week the 900 existing has grown into 2000 people as they launched the network into WakeUpNow which is also booming at the top of it's game in MLM's. It's not even public yet and it's busting at the seams.

Those who join The NEO Network get in for a three month free trial (while it lasts) and from the moment of enrollment the free three months begins. After three months the cost is $100 a month. This money goes to support the massive marketing, promotion, and development budget that Kris Darty will oversee with his wife and professional business associates. 

What Does The NEO Network Do?

The NEO Network creates an opportunity for a large group of sincere people who want to make money online to jump into an opportunity all together. Because of this collective mindset there is a tremendous amount of momentum created when the NEO Network members join a new business all at the same time. NEO then encourages their members to share the message of hope and help with their family and friends. This is an effort to create some success for your those close to you first. After this the Public Promotion begins. 

Multi-Level Marketing Businesses have one problem. How do they keep those who join at the bottom of a great business from dropping out? The simple answer is promotion and recruiting. NEO Network combines the marketing and promotion of it's members with the marketing and promotion of it's leadership. Those who pay to be part of the membership of NEO Network receive the benefit of professional marketing campaigns and tools created by the NEO Network.

So NEO Network Pre-Built Downlines solve the first problem of those who join. Doubt. Those who join together and create an instant downline and instant profit see immediate success. They solve the second problem, (the bottom of an MLM drying up) by continuing massive promotion and marketing efforts on behalf of it's members.

How Does The NEO Network Keep Things Going?

To take the model even further, it's important to note that the NEO Network Matrix continues to grow and joins a new business approximately every 90 days. This allows the pre-existing members of the NEO Network to shuffle and get into the new business in a completely first come first serve order. The early bird gets the worm. 

Some of the money made from a first business joined with The NEO Network allows members to join another business and make even more income. This process gets repeated over and over again.

On top of all of this, the products that each business presents and sells to it's members allow the business members to have incredible discounts and valuable products that normal people already use in their daily lives! NEO Network is often called The (N.E.O.N.) Never Ending Opportunity Network. 

If you realize that the potential with NEO Network and Pre-Built Downlines is never ending, then it's time for you to join the NEO Network for free and see for yourself the incredible community that is growing on the inside. 

NEO Network is a movement within the industry to liberate the enslaved and allow the 97% to have SUCCESS. 

Free Your Mind.

Enter The MATRIX

Last Updated on Saturday, 17 August 2013 17:48
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