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Written by The Watchman   
Sunday, 21 November 2010 20:23
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Sometimes the Lord just tells me to be quiet.  Rest my soul. But the strange thing about being quiet, and I mean the literal act of being quiet, not speaking but meditating on the state of your soul before the Lord God Almighty.

This place of quietness of speech, results in a multitude of thoughts considered without interruption.   It is a place where your most inner thoughts get presented to the Lord, worshiping at His throne.  Face in the dirt.

But God also strengthens our spirit and body to lift up hands and praise His holiness.  Because we have redemption through the blood of Christ and we are not condemned, where we can come boldly before the throne by His grace.

And the Kingdom of God is within your soul if the Holy Spirit lives there.  If Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life than you are in the process of sanctification by the Lord, where he deals with His children as a good father.  He chastises them and purifies them with trials which are for purposes beyond our understanding in God's Wisdom.

But He heals and strengthens our souls. And He is coming again as a fierce conqueror who will rule the nations with a rod of iron, and Christ will stand as the temple of God in the Holy City "Jerusalem", which is the bride of Christ, adorned with the pure white garments which is the righteousness of the saints.

All nations will flow unto Him, the creator of heaven and earth, and we, believers will rule and reign with Christ 1000 years.  For in this process of His coming, we will all be changed.  Our earthly bodies taking on heavenly form, we replace mortality with immortality and we will stand and serve in the presence of God.

This is where my soul will rest. In the presence of the Lord.  In the quiet place where he speaks volumes of thoughts towards me, so many that I can not count.  But the overall peace that results from meditating on the ways of God in our lives and our ways in His.  What a generous God we serve!  Who holds us as NOT GUILTY.  We are considered righteous in His sight because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

We are rich.

Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life.  Repent...turn back to Christ.  He is waiting and His reward is great.

The Strong Watchman


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