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How To Prepare For Disaster In The U.S. From Nothing PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Monday, 01 October 2012 10:28
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How To Prepare For Disaster In The U.S. From Nothing

I started preparing for a disaster in the U.S. about the time I started this blog. My primary concern at the time was that I had no solid work, no extra money, and no idea exactly where to start preparing for hard times.

How do I prepare for disaster without any money?

Well let's be logical here! Aside from some very basic preps like escape routes and rally points what can you do? Not much. I recommend bartering if you know people that have stuff you need and you have stuff that they need.

However the very real fact is you are going to need money to get yourself into a position to purchase things like:

  • Long Term Food Storage
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Bartering Items
  • Clothing Supplies
  • Camping Supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Survival Training

The list goes on and on. You will also need a place to store all this stuff without arousing suspicion. You should be making plans with people who you can trust to work together on major survival issues and plans. 

I Started Planning For Impending Disaster 3 Years Ago!

Post_Apocalyptic_CityAt that time I was planning on disaster inevitably hitting within months or at the outside 1 year. I had to get crackin! We made some difficult sacrifices and acquired most of what we will need for disaster, but guess what? Disaster did not come. The U.S. did not go into Martial Law. The government did not take over and force us into concentration camps. So what gives?

How much of this preparation is motived by fear? And how much of it is motivated by logical observation of the world around us? I have to admit that I lived in the fear motivated world for about 1 full year before I got really tired of expecting the next big event to set off what would surely be the beginning of the end for all U.S. citizens. 

I have a real issue with what I would deem "false prophecy". At the very least it is not God-centered and it is motivated by fear. At the very worst it is using fear to make a profit from people who succumb to the fear-driven mentality that we must prepare now or else we will be ruined when the bottom drops out...when the proverbial S**T hits the fan. 

So what do we do? Do we forget about the preps? Since it did not happen does that mean its not going to happen? No...we should not forget. No...it will probably still happen. In what form, very hard to say. When exactly, very hard to say. However I will say this. 

It is part of the sinister nature and strategy of whoever makes the final call to plunge our nation into chaos, to harden and numb our senses into disbelief and to lull the general population into laziness so that they will not be prepared. I recall in retrospect that this began with the 9/11 attacks. (Yes I am one of those, what some call a "truther", but NOT to the same ends as most.) 

I do NOT desire to lead a revolt against the government or the New World Order. I do NOT desire to take the Government to court to prove their insidious and traiterous actions which have been increasing in scope and frequency over the last decade, in massive proportion. The machine is too big for one man to bring down. 

I simply desire to be well enough aware of what is most likely going to happen, and make reasonable preparations for such circumstances. 

Now that I have come full circle in my logical treatment of this subject I will get to the point. 

How Much Time Do We Have Left Before Disaster In The U.S.?

Nobody really knows. So how much prepping have you accomplished while you are surfing the internet to find the latest conspiracy? 

Are you using the imminent collapse of the economy as an excuse not to find a job? Are you using the neccesity of prepping to avoid getting a job that will provide you with the resources you need to finish prepping?


Three years ago...I thought I had 1 year before the collapse of the economy. Since then I have built 3 businesses simultaneously in order to support my family. And guess what? The collapse has still not happened. How much more time do we have? Who cares? No one knows. 

Let's assume we have time for you to get to work and become a productive member of society and successful prepper who has the resources to assist others. The question is...what can you do?

First. Trust in Jesus. He is God and He has your back. Regardless of what happens your eternal soul is more important than any bucket of food. 

Second. Get healthy. I recommend if you need to lose weight...do it now. If you need to gain endurance do it now.

Third. Start working and getting paid. I highly recommend you start working with me in a business of international scope, which allows you to capitalize on internet marketing and sales outside the U.S. 

I work with Isagenix. Let me personally enroll you to get healthy and start making money today.

I am an independent Isagenix Associate. I run my own business and I will show you how to do the same. 

Contact me on Facebook if you have questions and want to get started Click Here!

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