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Written by The Watchman   
Wednesday, 09 November 2011 11:17
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Living On The Edge Of Collapse

Well friends...it's a rough world we live in these days, and I perhaps by my own fault, more than most, seem to live in a world where everything could fail and collapse tomorrow.  Even though it will probably not fail and collapse tomorrow, I live my life on the edge of collapse.

Is the world really about to fail and collapse? 

Greg Eddolls The Strong WatchmanThis is an interesting subject to me...because I have spent alot fo time covering articles that involve the subject of financial and economic collapse, societal collapse, banking collapse, and the forecast of general mayhem and chaos in the streets. 

Can I tell you...it's really hard to live a productive life when your head is buried in these types of subjects! Of course that does not make these subjects any less important.  As The Strong Watchman I have a responsibility to report what I see in the world as it pertains to God's Word, Biblical Prophecy, and The Last Days.  I am not sure why I have been burdened with this task, but I simply have always lived on the edge of this knowledge and have felt the urge to share that information with those who will listen.

So getting to the point here...how do we balance (how do I balance) what we know is coming according to biblical prophecy with having to live and function in this world every day. I have been guilty at times of panic and over-sensitivity to developing themes of evil and anti-christ in the world.  I have tried to temper my insights with wisdom from the Lord and the peace which only comes from dwelling in His presence. 

Sometimes all of us, any of us, some of us can get to dwelling on the fear of the coming times which pulls our focus off surviving in this already difficult world. If we are focusing on the possible end of life as we know it...it's kind of hard to plan for the future yes? This really puts a damper on optimism about business growth.

And as I have been writing this blog now for at least two years, the end has not come yet. However we have seen several major events come to pass that are pushing us towards the calamity of the last days.  Events like wars and rumors of wars, major financial changes in the world, and major changes in political establishments and organizations that point towards a unified world government in the future.

In the meantime I have had to learn to live and make a living to pay the bills in the last two years by plying my trade as an I.T. Consultant.  You as well probably have or perhaps had a job and still need to find a way to put food on the table. We are living in a world where we must pay attention to the events around us but we also must continue to plow for the sake of our family's needs.

So I want to encourage you to take a balanced approach. Do not swing with the markets on Wall Street.  Do not be tossed around by every development of anti-christ in the world today.  Do not wait to accuse every event and circumstance of conspiracy. All of your thoughts may be correct as you discern according to the gifts God has given you, but...we must continue to live and thrive in the meantime. 

For today...let's focus on working hard, plying our trade, making the next check, paying the next bill, paying of the next creidt card...and getting out of debt.  Let's focus on assuming that we will have tommorrow by God's grace.  Let's focus on calmly making efficient plans for the eventuality of collapse...without panicking in our spirit.

This creates a more positive environment in which business and success can thrive.  This creates a mindset (which is IMPORTANT!) that allows us to plan for the plausible success of your future in the world where we currently live.  Plan to take a new positive step today towards work and business.  Focus on the peace of God...and pursue the peace.  Go where the peace is.

God Bless, 

The Strong Watchman



0 #1 Patrick Russell 2012-03-23 15:46
I read your article and realized that it could have been me that wrote it. I think the key point is to let every action be driven by His Peace. Let God, inside each of us, arise, and His enemies be scattered. He has promiesed that He would never leave, nor forsake us. Besides, He brought you and me into creation for such a time as this. We need to know the Father the same as Jesus did when He changed the water to wine, and fed thousands of hungry folks with what He had. God did not run short. If there was ever a time to get ahold of true faith in Christ, in You, it is NOW!
Bless Y'all He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.
We are witnesses to the end of one age, and the birthpangs of a new age, wherein the lion will lie down with the lamb. It is time for the Kingdom of God to be given to the saints of the Most High. When His Spirit comes in, anything IS POSSIBLE. Give and it shall be given...

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