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Work To Inspire PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Saturday, 01 March 2014 13:02
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Work To Inspire

Chat Collaboration is the new competition.

Work To Inspire And ViewTrakr - A Storm Brewing PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 08:49
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Work To Inspire And ViewTrakr - A Storm Brewing

There is a storm brewing and all those who prepare for the coming storm will be able to
harvest from the furious activity and energy it generates in the technology and financial sector. 

I am talking about Work To Inspire (http://worktoinspire.com) and the ViewTrakr video sharing phenomenon.
For all those who want to capitalize on the already wide-spread trend of simply sharing videos, Viewt\Trakr does it with STYLE and GAME.
NO literally I mean GAME! 

ViewTrakr has turned video sharing into a FREE GAME in which people can earn virtual coins, by competing with their ViewTrakr Video Pages for VIDEO VIEWS.
Those video views then translate into coins that can be spent on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Amazon among others. 

What Is ViewTrakr?

ViewTrakr is a brand new kind of social media network that allows you to enhance and customize your video sharing experience.

ViewTrakr has turned this new video sharing concept in to an exciting game. 
A game where members can play for free and earn virtual coins by creating a network of friends and viewers. 
Virtual Coins can be traded in for cool stuff like music downloads, amazon gift
cards etc. For a small set up fee, “Live” (paying) members control the ad links or re-direct links on all the pages the free members are sharing as they play the game.

ViewTrakr is a seriously forward thinking company that is in the right place at the right time to help people take advantage of the hottest trend on the planet.
It's been called YouTube on steroids, a pretty heavy title to uphold but the massive potential is most definitely there!

Check Out ViewTrakr Yourself. - See Below. 

Click "Play The Game" Below To Get Started

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 18:32
Steps For Facebook Niche Group Domination. PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman   
Saturday, 14 September 2013 00:17
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Steps For Facebook Niche Group Domination.

PreBuilt Downlines


This is how we build Social Groups for signups.

We are creating FACEBOOK Groups for the keywords "Pre-Built Downlines" and "Multiple Streams of Revenue" these groups all point to our current organization which is The NEO Network. Here are the steps to follow.[checklist]

Copy and Share This Message

THE MEGA TREND RIGHT NOW IS TO PRE-BUILD DOWNLINES so that everyone makes money. AND to join MULTIPLE BUSINESSES over time to create MULTIPLE STREAMS OF REVENUE.   DON'T JOIN A "TEAM BUILD" THAT PROMISES THAT THEY WILL GIVE YOU FREE SIGNUPS AFTER YOU JOIN.  BUILD THE DOWNLINE FIRST AND JOIN THE BUSINESSES ALL TOGETHER.  This is your opportunity to join the FIRST and most experienced PRE-BUILT DOWNLINE group on the web and build your income over the long term.   LEARN MORE AND JOIN HERE https://www.facebook.com/groups/435975679798141/  Once we build the downline it moves from business to business and it STAYS in all of those businesses to create multiple streams of revenue while it does a perpetual building of the PRE-BUILT DOWNLINE.  ALWAYS GROWING.ALWAYS PROGRESSING. ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER MAJOR LAUNCH OF MOMENTUM WHERE THE MAJORITY MAKE MONEY.  We are turning the NETWORK Marketing World upside down and changing everything  Come join our group and begin your journey to TRUE SUCCESS.
***Change this message as needed to put it into your own words.***

Steps For Facebook Niche Group Domination. PreBuilt Downlines. Multiple Streams of Revenue.

  • 4. Share the copied group link and the message ABOVE with other Facebook groups, Fan Pages, your Facebook Friends, Facebook Timelines, and even outside of Facebook on your blog, in forums, in ads, whatever works for you. Change the message as needed to fit where you are sharing it.
  • 5. Post your own affiliate link for our organization in the group here. That means makes your own posts with your NEO Network Affiliate Link within this group.
  • 6. When you understand this process then go make your own Facebook group by going to the top right of this group and clicking the button that says, "CREATE GROUP"
  • 7. Post your affiliate link in the group the same way you see mine so others can join the NEO Network through you. That means your post will look like this. With instructions like the ones you are reading right now. Except your links will be in the group for NEO Network and for your own group.
  •  8. Share your new group with everyone in this current group here so we can join and promote your group on Facebook and everywhere else. This will help you attract more signups also.
  • 9. Encourage your group members to repeat the process as often as possible. So that we can dominate this niche.
  • 10. We are creating groups for the keywords "Pre-Built Downlines" and "Multiple Streams of Revenue" and other related keywords to dominate the niche in facebook for these keywords. USE THESE KEYWORDS IN YOUR GROUPS UNTIL WE DOMINATE THIS NICHE FOR NEO NETWORK.
  • 11. Repeat this process as often as possible. So we can grow everyone's groups.
  • 12. Feel free to use this process for pages as well. Tweak the process as needed.
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